Does Sdl Trados Matter when Hiring An Agency?

Nowadays professional translation is conducted differently than a few years ago thanks to the advent of globalization, localization, the Internet and the development of tools such as sdl trados. With this cat tool translators can now do their job faster and in a more efficient manner.

English is used as a vehicular language in science, technology, law and international business and it comes as no surprise that cat tools witness a huge popularity these days. The fast paced evolution of human translation enables translators to speed up their translation process by using a cat tool like sdl trados that caters to their requirements. Large scale projects are difficult to translate and time-consuming; in other words they are an utter nightmare. Translators who want to manage their time better and to streamline their operations are interested in learning more about the available cat tools and in starting to use them.

Considering the latest technological advancements it comes as no surprise that translators keep up with technology and take advantage of software translation programs such as trados. Why should you waste previous time with a translation project when you can translate a lot faster with the help of computer assisted technology? Why should you refuse to use this technology when you have a lot to benefit from it? In fewer words, cat tools are here to stay and the finest translation agencies use these innovative tools in order to improve their productivity and to streamline the translation process. If you search for a translator it is important to make sure that he works with trados or other tools that help him deliver accurate translations.

Resource box: Would you like to hire a translation agency? With so many options out there it is hard to make an educated decision. It is best to hire an agency that works with sdl trados or other cat tool to ensure consistency and accuracy of its translations.


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