Credit unions in Oregon

Credit unions in Oregon are different than other financial organisations people are usually accustomed with. They operate differently, but the services offered are mostly the same. The main aspect that sets Portland credit unions aside is the fact they are non-profit. This means you are able to take advantage of lower fees and interest rates, while getting loans, credit cards and such.

Due to high rates that banks usually have, it is no wonder why so many people decided to make a change and look for financial services elsewhere. Credit unions in Oregon are managed by its members and once a client decides to join, is accepted and makes a deposit, he/she is given voting rights. This is something you don’t see happening in banks and when decisions are taken and meetings organised, members get to join and vote.

Portland credit unions also have very good customer service, usually with very polite representatives willing to assist with any matter. This makes a huge difference, especially when you have a burning matter and you want to know something about your account, loans and such. This way, you will not leave frustrated that you didn’t get the answers you were looking for.

If you are worried about insurance, you can rest assured that credit unions in Oregon and Portland credit unions are insured. Your money is in good hands and you can always have access to it. Those interested in becoming members need to find unions within their geographical location and go through requirements. Nowadays, they don’t tend to be as strict as they used to. Representatives will give you all the information you need and what steps you should take in order to become a member.

Resource Box: Have you thought about becoming a member of the credit unions in Oregon? Find out what it takes and benefit from services offered by Portland credit unions.


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