Cork floor, quality floor for your home

Looking to renovate an old worn out floor or putting up a new build and are looking for that ‘go to’ flooring? Then look no further, our cork floors will meet your needs. Cork flooring has definitely become a popular choice today due to some pretty awesome benefits; durability, aesthetics and sound proofing. Our cork flooring tiles are available at competitive prices and backed proudly by our company as we are not only the distributor but the manufacturer as well. We specialize in cork, offering not only high quality products but the services of our expert staff as well. Coupled with years of experience and knowledge, they are ready to take on any question or concern, no matter how big or small.

Cork flooring tiles represent a long time investment that with proper maintenance and effort will be well worth the cost. Cork floors will not only bring visual satisfaction but also protects under flooring from rust and degradation, helping to preserve the overall health of your home. Contact us for any questions or concerns. We are happy to hear from you and will provide you with the best advice or suggestions to help you make a informed decision. Why go with general advice when you have the best in the field for sound information.

The internet is your best search engine. It can provide you with local businesses or national ones that will be able to provide you with information. Online you can not only find information on cork but look into each company’s history and read customer reviews. Soon you will be well-informed on the subject of cork and cork flooring products and be confident in making a purchase that will be worth its while for many years to come.

Resource box: Trying to find out more about cork flooring tiles services? Read everything you need to know about cork floor online.


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