The Practice of Turning Cremated Remains to Diamonds

You may not have been familiar with the practice of turning cremated remains to diamonds, but it has been around for a few years and it’s gaining popularity. Discover a few reasons why!

Diamonds are so much valued especially because they are beautiful, they have an incredible luminescence, they spread sparkles of light, and have this fascinating image of purity and glory. As you may know they are basically made of carbon, compressed graphite which undergoes a few organic processes. The natural processes that take a few years to occur in the natural environment are imitated by modern tools and highly accelerated. However, turning cremated remains to diamonds may take a few months even in the laboratory. In the end an impressive diamond is obtained, enhanced with 58 shining facets. What is most interesting about it is that it contains the carbon ashes of a beloved lost one, which would have otherwise remained in a bleak urn.

Some people also think about diamonds as symbols of commitment and pledges of love. That’s why they consider that turning cremated remains to diamonds is an honorable way of remembering a dear one. You can treasure the memory of a loved lost one, by actually having a genuine little treasure to constantly remind you of that person. LONITE memorial diamonds will instantly become priceless family heirlooms. Your memory of a beloved departed one will be brighter on your inside, but also on the outside, by turning ashes and hair into LONITE memorial diamonds.

There are quite a few emotional stories around those who opted for LONITE memorial diamonds on their dying bed, as a way to be remembered by their loved ones. You can take your time to read them, and find out more about this novel memorial service.

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