Why Your Kids Should Go To Mill Basin Day Camp In Brooklyn, New York

Perfect for your kids this summer is the Mill Basin Day Camp. It’s great fun. It’s great learning. And it’s safe. Mill Basin Day Camp has been running for the last ten years and has become the largest and most popular summer camp in Brooklyn, enabling it to now cater to boys and girls between three to fourteen (3-14) years of age. Its working philosophy is anchored on a deep, involved dedication to providing kids and their folks a fun-filled, safe and caring summer camp adventure. Through its creative program of activities, all the campers in this Brooklyn Day camp are guided towards making friends, sharing experiences and creating a memorable time that’ll stay with them for a long time.

Among the other summer day camps in Brooklyn, NY, You can’t go wrong with this one.

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions by parents still unfamiliar with Mill Basin Day Camp:

What Exactly Are the Specific Activities Involved?

For their campers, Mill Basin Day Camp offers a wide variety of exciting and interesting activities, from great outdoor and indoor heated swimming, Arts and Crafts, Sports, Dance, and Gymnastics to Karate, Magic, to Video Game Room, Baking Center, Giant Screen Theater, and of course, computers. There’s a pre-set daily schedule of activities that each group participates in. Swimming is the only activity that’s there everyday. The rest are evenly distributed so that every camper boy or girl gets to experience, enjoy and learn from each and every activity.

What’s a Typical Day in the Camp?

The kids start to rock and roll with the first fun activity at 8:45 am. Three sets of activities are slated in the morning, then there’s lunch. Another three periods in the afternoon, then snacks and a final activity prior to calling it a day. These activities happen both indoor and outdoor and are quite organized and pretty well-balanced. There’s a pre-camp meeting with parents to explain how the schedules work and to reassure them that no nerdy kid will be allowed to tinker with his chemistry set and experiment with explosives.

Can The Kids Pick Their Own Activities?
Activities at Mill Basin Day Camp are selected and scheduled prior to start of day one. While all the boys and girls are encouraged to join in all of the activities, no child is chained, if he or she feels uncomfortable with some of the activities. Instead, what happens is that he or she is placed with a counselor and taken to a shaded or indoor activity until the period is ended. A director will then try to find out why this kid refuses to participate in a particular activity. Sometimes, if and when needed, Mom or dad may have to be called in to help resolve the issue.

Are My Kids Going To Be Safe?
Look at it this way. Mill Basin Day Camp in Brooklyn, New York, is a great place manned by professionals, a lot of whom continue to work in other summer camps or child-related fields for the rest of the year. The more senior of these guys are well-trained in CPR and First Aid.

Their swimming programs are overseen by able personnel licensed by the New York City Board of Health and the American Red Cross. Its staff and facilities are equipped with the latest safety and technological devices to make sure there’s constant communication and security on and off the camp premises. So rest easy.

Resource box: Change is a part of our lives, our kids included, particularly in their growing up and development years. We, as parents just need to make sure those changes happen for the better. As the kids get to meet and make new friends, share experiences and discover new things at Mill Basin Day Camp, they’d be on the right side of the street. Summer day camps in Brooklyn, NY do make a difference.


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