Opting for Soundproofing Floors

One consideration when it comes to replacing or install a new floor in your home is what benefits you wish to reap from said flooring. Most people focus on material and color, but stop to consider for a moment the advantages of soundproofing floors made out of cork. The good news is that the cork can be used in any room in a house, including basement flooring.

The more knowledge you acquire about cork, the more you will realize that this is the best option for the floors in your residence. Cork is a natural sound inhibitor as it is comprised of millions of minute air pockets that block or reduce sound impact and transfer. New innovation allows for cork not only to be used as underlay, but also as the floor itself. Just think, you spend money once for a product that does the job of two. On top of that, going with a manufacturer who provides 100% clean and eco-friendly product will bring you into the ‘green’ movement as well. Check around, as many companies distributing cork floors do not add any toxic materials to the production process of their cork products.

Cork is also know as a resilient product so you can rest easy knowing you will be enjoying the advantages of a cork floor for decades to come. And that is not where corks amazing qualities end, that selfsame cellular makeup makes cork a fantastic thermal insulator which can help lower heating and cooling costs. Moreover, when you walk on cork, the soft cushiony surface will help in lessening pain in your knees or joints.

Cork has some incredible properties that brings it to the top of the list for an awesome flooring material where the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. In a basement it will serve to keep rooms ambient and reduce the transfer of noise. Soundproofing is but one benefit. To learn more, look into cork today.

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Are you currently looking for a flooring solutions that can help with noise reduction even in a basement? If that is the case, you should know that cork tiles are great for soundproofing floors and are extremely useful for the best basement flooring! Visit our website and learn more about our cork products right now!


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